The Digital Economy Diversity Network (DEDN) is funded and supported by the EPSRC-funded Digital Economy Network (DEN) and exists to promote diversity, equality, inclusion and equity within the DEN member EPSRC Centres of Doctoral Training (CDTs).

It was launched by Angelika Strohmayer and Janis Meissner, PhD Students from the EPSRC Digital Civics CDT at Newcastle University on 4 July 2017 at the DE Summer School at Loughborough University London. Angelika and Janis successfully applied for £6000 of DEN funding to initiate this network, with a remit to organise quarterly meetings for Digital Economy CDT students to come together in a working group, to critically discuss present issues and to develop strategies of addressing inequalities within their own centres.


Above: Angelika (left) and Janis (right) launch the Diversity Network in London on 4 July at the DE Summer School.

Aims and Objectives

The DEDN has the following aims and objectives:


  • To promote diversity, equality, and equity within the CDTs and their host departments and universities
  • to establish an open culture of sharing experiences and critical perspectives on issues of diversity and equality to encourage the exchange of good practice in regards to diversity and equality between CDT cohorts to build links between all DEN CDTs and strengthen the overall network of CDT students
  • to encourage cross-CDT exchange across the DEN
  • to foster cultural change across the DEN network and within the specific contexts of respective CDTs.


  • To establish a progressively evolving working group that continuously addresses present issues of equality and diversity
  • to bring issues of equality and diversity to the forefront of recruitment and retention in DEN member CDTs
  • to initiate student-led initiatives encouraging DEN to further their diversity and equalities agenda
  • to develop a cross-CDT working group to tackle the issue of diversity and equality head-on on a large (DEN) to create a space within each CDT to separately engage in discussions and set actions around issues of diversity and equality.

You can read the Digital Economy Diversity Network proposal submitted by Angelika and Janis for more details on what the DEDN wants to achieve.

DEDN Meetings:

The following DEDN Meetings have taken place:

  • 22 September 2017, Newcastle University (hosted by the Digital Civics CDT/Open Lab) – DEDN Launch Meeting
  • 12 January 2018, University of Southampton (hosted by the Web Science CDT) – Meeting theme: Self-care
  • 23 March 2018, University of Nottingham (hosted by the Horizon CDT in My Life in Data) – Meeting theme: Access & Accessibility: The Breaking down of Barriers

The next meeting is scheduled to be held in July 2018.

The Digital Economy Diversity Network is supported by EPSRC grant reference: EP/L011891/1 – Digital Economy Doctoral Training Network.